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  We have launched a series of public engagement activities – these activities enable us to maintain communication with stakeholders on their views and concerns regarding the projects.

These activities were held in parallel with the investigation study – such that we can take on board public views in the study, and can report our findings and responses directly to stakeholders.
  Public Events
  The following public events have been organized as part of the public engagement work for the public to share their views on the HZMB Hong Kong related projects with us:

Stage 1 ﹣ Let's Envision

Stage 2 ﹣ Sharing Our Innovations

Stage 3 ﹣ Together We Build

Stage 4 ﹣ Converging Creativity

In the meantime, we have also consulted the Legislative Council Panel on Transport and the respective District Councils.

We will keep engaging to consult the public on various topics about the project in the coming future.
  Publicity Materials
  We have published pamphlets on the HZMB project information for distribution to the public and made videos for broadcasting purpose.  It all aims to keep the public posted on the latest development and updated progress of the project.

We will continue to publish newsletters and pamphlets and to produce more videos on the project in the near future.